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03 February 2012

Congregation of the Mission
Philippine Province


                Humbled by the experience of our personal weakness, community divisiveness and lack of apostolic direction;
                Encouraged by God’s saving grace, the love of our Vincentian vocation, the affirmation of our confreres and those whom we serve;
                Challenged by the glaring reality of widespread material and moral poverty of our people, and the urgent calls of the Church for renewal;

                We, the Vincentians of the Philippine Province, with total trust in God’s love and providence, rooted in Jesus, the evangelizer of the poor, following the way of St. Vincent de Paul, envision ourselves in the Church of the poor as a discerning community of disciples.

                Under the leading of the Holy Spirit, with Mary as our model, and in collaboration with our partners, we commit ourselves and our resources to an inculturated and renewed integral evangelization of the poor, especially the more abandoned, and to a contextualized formation of the clergy and the laity.

                Hence, each one of us will renew his prayer life, live a simple lifestyle and be shaped by a continuing formation that will deepen his love of and commitment to the Vincentian vocation towards becoming new men.

                As new men, guided by the values and processes of the Basic Ecclesial Communities, we will be animated by creative ways of praying, strengthened by mutual quality presence and affirmation, faithful to and directed by community plans towards becoming a new community.

                As new men in a new community, called to a more visible presence among the poor, we will revitalize and redirect our existing apostolates and be open to new ministries in order to be more effective in our work with the poor, the clergy and the laity towards a new evangelization.

                Ours will then be a province of new men and new communities journeying together towards the Kingdom.

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